Cool Contest Ideas for Guaranteed Votes

Cool Contest Ideas for Guaranteed Votes

Getting people excited for online contest votes can be difficult, just look at the hundreds of websites solely dedicated towards getting people more votes on their contests. It seems strange for there to be a lack of votes for something as simple as a contest, which directly benefits somebody else, usually in a really cool way. Such is the world we live in, and contests go unnoticed every day as the advertising just isn’t there. So what can be done to make sure contest creators don’t run into the same issue as others do all the time? Well maybe the advertising isn’t to blame, after all, if the contest idea is good enough, word would spread and the advertising would be done for them. So all that’s left then is figuring out what idea will excite people enough to want to come and help others make their dreams come true, while making the website owner some money on the way.


Shows use this technique all the time, slowly eliminating the lowest voted person off the show and removing them from the running of wining the prize. The idea translates perfectly onto an online setting, as YouTube contest votes are entered every week and people are slowly removed from being able to win. With the right guidelines and the right number of elimination rounds, websites would be able to greatly increase traffic to their site as people who would normally vote once just keep coming back to see how it ends.

Voting for the Prize

The prize is always this static thing in competitions, sitting around just waiting for someone to finally be chosen to take it. Mixing things up is always a good way to stir up news about something, so voting for this contest just got better. People are not only able to vote for who they want to win; they also get to choose the prize the person receives. This makes things really interesting, as the prizes come in all different shapes and sizes, and some people can purposefully vote for someone and vote for the worst prize possible for them. This makes sure drama is started and lets the free advertising begin.

Voting for, and Against

Online contest voting has always been this really sweet thing that people do, taking the time out of their day to try and help someone else out, but what if it changed? With the ability to take a vote away from someone, the competition will heat up and people will come into the contest just to show their displeasure towards a certain individual. The whole thing is in the name of fun, so anyone complaining about the idea being cruel can be rest assured that it’s just a way to make things fun, not a way to bully people online. With the people ready to voice their opinions, even the bad ones, the fun can really begin.

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