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Types of Votes

There are two ways in which we can get you the genuine votes – The real votes and the IP Votes. Whenever you want to get votes for the online contests, we are ready to help you with these:

Real Votes:-

  • Comes from real sources (social media)
  • Cheap

Here, we use Social Marketing practices to get you legitimate real votes by engaging in online social communities and through other marketing mediums..

Economy Votes

  • Unique IP address making it look real
  • Much Cheaper

Here the changed IP will do a trick for you. We will change the IP address for each vote and will do a wonder by giving our best to make you win.

Do you love taking part in online contests and looking to get more votes?

If yes, then you don’t need to move your sight from here. Hold your breath guys and get high to win these online contests. Now, we are bringing you an extraordinary yet simple way to buy online contest votes. With us, you can acquire votes for any type of online competition. You can easily win Facebook and other social media competitions by getting votes through our service.

Why Purchase Online Contest Votes?

v4For those who love participating in online contests, it can be a very fun, thrilling experience to win. However, when the competition requires reaching the most number of entries it can be quite frustrating to see your efforts go by the wayside because you are not popular enough or losing for reasons that are well beyond your control.

One reason that you may be losing is that others will actually seek to purchase contest votes online that allows their efforts in winning to reach over the top. Buying votes  for online competitions is not recognized as an acceptable practice by most individuals and businesses that run the contests. However, with onlinecontestvotes, you have the option to place an order that gets real voting from real users, resulting in legitimate results.

What is Buying Votes or Voting Online?v7

Generally speaking, you will get votes online by paying a company for a package of social media votes that will be placed to provide your effort a greater number of votes than your competitors. You select the package, location, and timeframe that the voting are to be delivered. When done correctly, the IP votes you purchase will appear just like regular votes from real people. If you have the most entries in a contest, you win the contest along with whatever prize is.

However, when not done correctly it can be detected and your entry may be disqualified as a result. So, your purchase must come from an experienced, reputable company that understands how to place the package of votes that you ordered so that it remains virtually undetectable.

Buying unique IP address votes online is a practice that has been performed for the past several years since the advent of social media. There are places where you can buy Facebook votes as well as other social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. For many, it is the only way to compete with those who may have a larger fan base or will buy votes online themselves.


There are a number of benefits when you buy online votes, particularly for contests that offer your work or effort more publicity so that you can become better noticed. In many cases, the entries are used in contests that do not offer a direct prize to the recipient, but rather to broaden the scope and reach of those who want their efforts to be seen by as many as possible.

Easy: The process of buying online votes for a contest is very simple. Simply select the package of votes that you want and which range (in sizes from 100 up to 5000 or more) depending on the individual or company. You can also customize the number of votes purchased so that it fits the general parameters of the competition that you are participating.

social media contest trophy

Quick: The entire purchasing process takes only a few moments from sign-up to making the order. The votes themselves will be places at the site of your choosing in a manner that is natural. This means that instead of an even number of votes all showing up at the same time which would draw suspicion, they build up gradually or come in waves just like the votes from individuals.

Effective: When placed properly, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between competition entries from individuals and the package of votes that you have purchased. For many, this is the only way to compete with those who are more popular and it provides you with a means to win or at least place well in giveaways that otherwise are out of your reach.

Inexpensive: Depending on how many social media votes you need, the overall price is rather inexpensive and often below that of the grand prize. This means that for a modest investment you can get a considerable number of entries that will push your efforts over the top. Plus, you can choose from different packages that meets your particular needs.

Finding the Right Company to Buy Online Votes

Of course, buying votes in the online arena all depends on the company that you choose. There are good companies to purchase contest votes and then there are those which are only in it for a quick buck and do not perform a good job. When the internet voting are not handled in the correct manner, your contest entry can be dismissed and your votes rejected outright.

Reputation: First and foremost the company you choose to purchase votes online should have a reputation that can be checked. This means online reviews from customers who are satisfied with their service. It may be difficult in some cases to go outside the company itself to find these reviews, but you can test them out yourself by paying for the lowest price package and entering a contest to see their effect. However, you should always try to get customer reviews before purchasing.

Get more Outreach with Online Contest Votes

Get more Outreach with Online Contest Votes

Packages: The packages of online competition votes they offer should be several so that you can customize them to your liking. This means several packages from small to a large number of votes that will not raise any suspicion while staying within your budget. You may need to do a bit of research when buying votes online so that your entry does not considerably exceed that of a typical contest winner. For example, if this type of contest usually gets 500 or so votes for the winner, an entry of 1,000 would certainly raise eyebrows. So, find the company that offers the right package of contest entries for your needs.

Price: Last, but not least is the price when you decide on purchasing contest entries. Remember, you are not looking for lowest price. You are looking for the best company to deliver the votes at the lowest price. Just as you would shop for any product, you will want to get the right votes for your needs at a price that fits your budget.

Buying votes online is simple, straightforward, and accomplished by professionals who can mimic the votes from individuals by altering IP addresses or by using social marketing to get you the real voted needed for you to succeed.

So get your feet into your best shoes and be at the top of the race of online competitions.
We are also providing you the suitable packages that fit better with your requirements. If you have any confusion about choosing your package then we are here to help you suggest it in right way. You can call us to know which package you should choose for your particular contest.

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