Do you offer votes from unique IP’s & realistic profiles?

Yes , for both Real votes & IP votes package , votes comes from unique IP’s but in Real votes package votes comes from unique devices and for IP votes package I use IP changer to make IP’s unique. You can choose for the required package and you will get the assured results from my side.

No, We do not take any guarantee. You have to calculate & let me know about the number of votes required to win. We assure to deliver ordered votes in given time frame. The basic thing is that you will get the likes you have ordered. Sometimes, you might have ordered the votes that are not good enough to win the competition.

We accept payment via Mastercard/Visa card, Apple Pay and Bitcoin

The Manifestation. If you know that you need 1000 votes, we will definitely get you 1000 within the time and budget you can afford. No delays and no fake votes. You will get 100% genuine votes. The votes that we get for you will be permanent and from the real accounts.