The Whole Thing Explained

The Whole Thing Explained

po3Some people might be wondering what exactly online contest votes are, or more prominently, what they are used for. Usually, these contests exist purely online to promote websites and increase traffic hitting these sites, but sometimes you’ll find contests that weren’t initiated by the website. Anyone looking to promote their business or honor local heroes will contact websites they frequent and try and ask for the opportunity to host their contest on the site. Websites might be reluctant, but a majority of them will agree as the contest functions as a free and effective marketing tool that puts the site in a good light for agreeing to host it. The whole thing is rather beneficial for everyone involved, and this is why so many of these online contests exist today.

Who Are the Votes for?v5

A lot of these contests are held for things like honoring local heroes or giving a young talented individual the chance for an endorsement. The site will have some sort of submission service for anyone interested in applying where they will provide their story or a video of their talent. After these submissions are processed by website staff, they are put up for voting to see how they fair. Most of the time, the people voting are friends and family of the individual who want to show some support and help their loved one win the prize. These site visits help the website create ad revenue and profit from the contest as more people apply for a chance to win and more people show up to support them. The individual who wins is then announced and given the prize, whatever it may be, and the contest ends.

Why Vote?

bg5Apart from the obvious reasons for friends and family to come and show some support, plenty of other people come and help give the competition some fire as they cast their votes and watch the results fluctuate. These people are usually frequent visitors of the site who are happy to feel included in a contest by interacting with others through adding in their opinion. In some occasions, contests will reward anyone who comes and votes by putting their name in a raffle to win a really cool prize, ensuring that more people will visit the site excited to see if they will win, and the site continues to make money off ad revenue.

Does it Work?

These contests are incredibly popular, and a quick Google search will show you hundreds of websites aimed specifically at getting these contests more votes in order to appear more active for anyone voting on their own will. Online contest votes are a good marketing tool that really have a lot of layers when it comes to the amount of people they help, and this is one of the biggest reasons why they are so popular. Website owners are able to advertise their site while also helping the community out, which is a stellar business and moral opportunity.


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