Fun Free Marketing

who-wore-it-best-marketing-campaigns-edition-2-638Most business majors will tell people the most important thing a business needs to do in order to succeed is market themselves well. Consumers think differently when thinking about spending money, turning into impulsive monsters that destroy their paychecks before they even reach the next one. This phenomenon can be traced back to advertising, and how it engrains itself in the brain of consumers, only to resurface when they have ability to spend. This tool is instrumental in the long term success of a business, making sure customers keep surfacing and keep buying. Now, marketing doesn’t have to be a thousand-dollar campaign that bankrupts a business until it finally pays itself off, there are many cheap and effective ways to get name recognition.

The Contest

po2Online contests are a fun and cheap way to advertise businesses and websites by encouraging people to visit websites in hopes of winning a cool prize and sticking around to see what else the site has to offer. The online contest votes help market the website, and the prize doesn’t even have to cost the site a penny. Third-party prizes are an excellent way to get around footing the bill by promising advertisement for a company as long as they provide the prize. Just add a couple encouraging words for the product, offer it to anyone who applies, and watch as both fans of the website and fans of the product flock to be a part of the fun. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and a fun way of connecting with fans through online interaction.

Marketing Value

po8A large number of people are brought onto the site for the online contest votes, including loyal fans and those looking for something to do. Picture a bored man at home looking for something to do online when he comes across an ad for the contest. This person just comes for the prize, but what does he do when he finishes applying, after all, he wasn’t doing anything before. The man is already on the website, and he sees a lot of things he likes so he bookmarks it and decides he’ll stick around and see what else the site has to offer. A new customer is easily born out of thin air, and the contest continues to bring more and more people in as they enjoy the excitement of possibly winning. Online contests make such a fantastic marketing tool, and for the little to no money off the web creators back, the votes can be the most effective way of getting people to come in. The contest always has to come to an end, but websites who loved the new traffic to their sites can make the contest a monthly or weekly event and continue enjoying the stream of new customers flocking to their site.

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