How People’s Votes Make Dreams Come True

How People’s Votes Make Dreams Come True

ContestWinnersTitleIt’s pretty exciting being able to make someone else’s dreams come true, and viewers of shows like X-Factor and American Idol know this better than anyone else. These shows have gathered a massive following as the opportunity to do something as amazing as changing someone’s life for the better is available to them every week. Competition shows use the same format as online contests, allowing people to vote and decide who gets to stay and who has to leave. This format has proven effective for both platforms, and the amount of people excited to participate increases as the contests only grow in popularity by the week. The prizes offered on competitions are always life changing, promising contracts with the best and setting up that person with a promising career. Online contest votes decide who gets these amazing offers. For online contests, the prizes might not always be as lavish, but some of them can still really make a huge impact on somebody’ life.

Getting People Excited

Win-amazing-prizesEveryone wants to be a part of something huge, and for online contests, that something huge is letting someone win a great prize. Content creators get people excited by planning really impressive prizes that get participants and voters excited for the competition. This contest allows websites to grow their user base and receive some extra traffic as things really start to heat up. Certain prizes, like $20,000 cash prizes, can really have a huge impact on somebody’ life. Opportunities to make such a huge impact on a random strangers’ life are exciting, and it’s that feeling of excitement that websites tap into to increase the amount of views they get. Most people would be touched if a huge group of people they’ve never met in their lives decided to come together and help makes their lives better, and that’s exactly what happens all the time on contests with votes deciding who wins.

Did They Earn it?

winner-300x300A majority of the contests that are found online aren’t just accepting random peoples’ applications and letting them get a chance at the prize for no reason. The people who apply and get in are usually individuals who have already impacted other peoples’ lives themselves. The contests are for community heroes or amazing mothers, and most of the time the applications are put in by people who see these people and decide they want them to be given the chance to win. Online contests like these are a beautiful thing for those who have put so much of their time and effort in helping others since it lets them know what it feels like having someone they don’t personally know come in and help them out, something they do every day. These contests absolutely make dreams come true, and online contest votes are a great way for everyone to get in on the selflessness.

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