Facebook and Twitter Votes: How to Use Each Platform

facebook-and-twitterSomething found all over the internet, whether its major news agencies’ websites or Facebook pages, are voting contests with impressive rewards for whoever is lucky enough to win. Most of these contests are held for things like commemorating a good local Samaritan or voicing opinions on politics, but some of them can have a pretty big impact on someone’s life. The big contests boast huge rewards like a 7-day cruise or a crazy shopping spree, and websites hosts these contests to increase traffic visiting their site. Not every contest can have rewards featuring thousand dollar prizes, and for the simpler ones, having people participate can be a difficult task. What can these content creators do in order to make their contest the hottest thing out there? The secret lies in tapping into the social media pool of users just waiting for something to do as they cruise around on random posts trying to find anything good. There are a lot of people out there, and a lot of different platforms they prefer to use, so it can difficult to know how to approach each one. Thankfully, the process is pretty easy once laid out.


likesMost websites have a Facebook page dedicated to promoting events like Facebook contest votes already active, but knowing how to use it is absolutely crucial. Some websites make the awful mistake of being overly interactive with their followers, posting ads on their walls and messaging them constantly about upcoming events. This is absolutely the wrong way to go about things as it makes the follower feel like they are being harassed instead of reminded. People see what websites post on their pages in their main news feed, so there’s no need to be more invasive than that. Simply make the daily posts short and sweet, a photo and a funny little caption, in order to have followers be interested in more to come. The bigger posts, like events and promotions, can be a larger wall of text really driving the message home.


twitterworthTwitter is a great tool when it comes to marketing since every post needs to be short and sweet, and attaching a photo to a post is common thing to do. This is perfect as it sets strict guidelines for content creators when they market their contests online, stopping them from making a huge, boring wall of text. Online contest votes can easily be promoted through a simple link and explanation of the contest. Suddenly, the tweet is send around and seen by thousands as people rush to have friends and family join in on the fun of voicing their opinion or having a chance to win the contest prize. Twitter allows for websites to cheaply and effectively advertise their contests and events without coming off as desperate through constant reminders to followers.


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