From Voter to Frequent Visitor

From Voter to Frequent Visitor

Websites know what they have to do in order to increase the traffic hitting their sites, and the method works in helping the visitor just as much as the website. Online contests have been around ever since AOL was the most visited page on the world wide web. The contests usually feature some sort of incentive for people to come check them out, whether it’s being able to vote for something they love to be able to win or be entered into a raffle just for voting. The votes are extremely effective at getting people to come, as they create a feeling of personal inclusion into whatever the contest aims to achieve. With online contest votes helping to create a sense of excitement for website owners and visitors, the system works at connecting people from all over the world over one simple thing.

It’s Personal

Online contests aren’t just a great tool for getting visitors interested in turning their computers or phones on, they can also make a fantastic marketing tool. With a smartphone in the hand of almost everyone walking around the streets of cities and even suburbs, the online presence has changed into a superpower of free advertising. Online contest votes can really attract a number of people that would normally cost thousands of dollars to pull in as the entire process takes a matter of seconds and the benefits can be very appealing. Some websites only offer visitors the ability to voice their opinion on whatever is being discussed and end the interaction there. This is an enormous waste of an opportunity as the visitor has no incentive to continue participating in the voting contests. The more the internet grows, the more personal and interactive it becomes; allowing people to not just feel like another page click, but a member of something really cool. Once the visitor has reached the site, placed their vote in, and started wondering what else is available for them, the content creators job is to make them feel like their website is a place for them to come in and feel at home.

The Online Personal Touch

Marketing is one of those weird things that’s really obvious to everyone involved but never really bothering the people it’s aimed at targeting. This is because people love feeling catered to, love knowing that someone out there wants their hard earned money in return for making their life easier with their product. This is why online contests votes need to make visitors feel like they are being catered to and not just brought in simply to vote and go about their day. Online contests are great for everyone involved, and the idea really helps bring content creators and curious visitors together as the website owners decide whether the relationship stays strong or shortly fades away.

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