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The Whole Thing Explained

The Whole Thing Explained

po3Some people might be wondering what exactly online contest votes are, or more prominently, what they are used for. Usually, these contests exist purely online to promote websites and increase traffic hitting these sites, but sometimes you’ll find contests that weren’t initiated by the website. Anyone looking to promote their business or honor local heroes will contact websites they frequent and try and ask for the opportunity to host their contest on the site. Websites might be reluctant, but a majority of them will agree as the contest functions as a free and effective marketing tool that puts the site in a good light for agreeing to host it. The whole thing is rather beneficial for everyone involved, and this is why so many of these online contests exist today.

Who Are the Votes for?v5

A lot of these contests are held for things like honoring local heroes or giving a young talented individual the chance for an endorsement. The site will have some sort of submission service for anyone interested in applying where they will provide their story or a video of their talent. After these submissions are processed by website staff, they are put up for voting to see how they fair. Most of the time, the people voting are friends and family of the individual who want to show some support and help their loved one win the prize. These site visits help the website create ad revenue and profit from the contest as more people apply for a chance to win and more people show up to support them. The individual who wins is then announced and given the prize, whatever it may be, and the contest ends.

Why Vote?

bg5Apart from the obvious reasons for friends and family to come and show some support, plenty of other people come and help give the competition some fire as they cast their votes and watch the results fluctuate. These people are usually frequent visitors of the site who are happy to feel included in a contest by interacting with others through adding in their opinion. In some occasions, contests will reward anyone who comes and votes by putting their name in a raffle to win a really cool prize, ensuring that more people will visit the site excited to see if they will win, and the site continues to make money off ad revenue.

Does it Work?

These contests are incredibly popular, and a quick Google search will show you hundreds of websites aimed specifically at getting these contests more votes in order to appear more active for anyone voting on their own will. Online contest votes are a good marketing tool that really have a lot of layers when it comes to the amount of people they help, and this is one of the biggest reasons why they are so popular. Website owners are able to advertise their site while also helping the community out, which is a stellar business and moral opportunity.


Social Media Platform Advantage

Social Media Platform Advantage

Advantages-of-Social-MediaThe internet has undergone some serious changes in the last couple of years with the amount of growth increasing in almost all age demographics and the availability reaching places never possible before. A growth of this magnitude means serious business opportunities for anyone smart enough to get at them first. So what opportunities are we talking about exactly, and how does someone go about making sure they aren’t left behind to crash and burn? Well with increasing online interaction comes a new wave of markets available for anyone to tap into, and these markets aren’t hidden behind marketing firm paychecks, they are right on the front page of the web. With the help of online contest votes, websites are able to tap into these resources with ease and guarantee manageable growth in both ad revenue and frequent visitors.

The Key to Staying Ahead

po5Social media platforms are essentially one giant convention of people from all different parts of the world coming together and asking to be involved in what others have to say. Now while the majority of interactions occur between two non-business minded people, a business would be behind on the times not even attempting to find a way to increase name recognition. It’s actually quite simple, and even though some business owners are afraid to appear too forward, the problem is easily fixed through understanding peoples’ personal online space. Online contest votes are a great way to bring people into a website, right? So with that information, content creators only need to find a noninvasive way of spreading the word. Online marketing doesn’t have to be targeting individuals through forced communication or forced interaction. People online are glad to browse around and click on things that interest them, so all content creators need to do is remain active, but restricted to their online pages as they pull people in through cool interaction ideas like online contest votes.

The Contest’s Work

po6The one thing people need to visit a web page is a good reason to take the time out of their day to do it. With content creators working towards improving their interfaces and making sure customers are guided smoothly through their online platforms, the motivation is really all they need to get people to visit and continue coming back. Ideas like online contest votes are great at helping web pages create communities within their platform that grow off of interactions with other people. Things like updated vote results and links to discussions on Twitter and Facebook pages allow the influx of customers to find themselves in a situation they like, and one they want to continue to participate in. Content creators only need to worry about two things, having a simple and fun interaction, and having links to strong and active social media pages run by them. The online contest votes do all the work bringing people in, but it’s up to the website to make sure they benefit all they can from the new stream of curious visitors.


How People’s Votes Make Dreams Come True

How People’s Votes Make Dreams Come True

ContestWinnersTitleIt’s pretty exciting being able to make someone else’s dreams come true, and viewers of shows like X-Factor and American Idol know this better than anyone else. These shows have gathered a massive following as the opportunity to do something as amazing as changing someone’s life for the better is available to them every week. Competition shows use the same format as online contests, allowing people to vote and decide who gets to stay and who has to leave. This format has proven effective for both platforms, and the amount of people excited to participate increases as the contests only grow in popularity by the week. The prizes offered on competitions are always life changing, promising contracts with the best and setting up that person with a promising career. Online contest votes decide who gets these amazing offers. For online contests, the prizes might not always be as lavish, but some of them can still really make a huge impact on somebody’ life.

Getting People Excited

Win-amazing-prizesEveryone wants to be a part of something huge, and for online contests, that something huge is letting someone win a great prize. Content creators get people excited by planning really impressive prizes that get participants and voters excited for the competition. This contest allows websites to grow their user base and receive some extra traffic as things really start to heat up. Certain prizes, like $20,000 cash prizes, can really have a huge impact on somebody’ life. Opportunities to make such a huge impact on a random strangers’ life are exciting, and it’s that feeling of excitement that websites tap into to increase the amount of views they get. Most people would be touched if a huge group of people they’ve never met in their lives decided to come together and help makes their lives better, and that’s exactly what happens all the time on contests with votes deciding who wins.

Did They Earn it?

winner-300x300A majority of the contests that are found online aren’t just accepting random peoples’ applications and letting them get a chance at the prize for no reason. The people who apply and get in are usually individuals who have already impacted other peoples’ lives themselves. The contests are for community heroes or amazing mothers, and most of the time the applications are put in by people who see these people and decide they want them to be given the chance to win. Online contests like these are a beautiful thing for those who have put so much of their time and effort in helping others since it lets them know what it feels like having someone they don’t personally know come in and help them out, something they do every day. These contests absolutely make dreams come true, and online contest votes are a great way for everyone to get in on the selflessness.

Facebook and Twitter Votes: How to Use Each Platform

facebook-and-twitterSomething found all over the internet, whether its major news agencies’ websites or Facebook pages, are voting contests with impressive rewards for whoever is lucky enough to win. Most of these contests are held for things like commemorating a good local Samaritan or voicing opinions on politics, but some of them can have a pretty big impact on someone’s life. The big contests boast huge rewards like a 7-day cruise or a crazy shopping spree, and websites hosts these contests to increase traffic visiting their site. Not every contest can have rewards featuring thousand dollar prizes, and for the simpler ones, having people participate can be a difficult task. What can these content creators do in order to make their contest the hottest thing out there? The secret lies in tapping into the social media pool of users just waiting for something to do as they cruise around on random posts trying to find anything good. There are a lot of people out there, and a lot of different platforms they prefer to use, so it can difficult to know how to approach each one. Thankfully, the process is pretty easy once laid out.


likesMost websites have a Facebook page dedicated to promoting events like Facebook contest votes already active, but knowing how to use it is absolutely crucial. Some websites make the awful mistake of being overly interactive with their followers, posting ads on their walls and messaging them constantly about upcoming events. This is absolutely the wrong way to go about things as it makes the follower feel like they are being harassed instead of reminded. People see what websites post on their pages in their main news feed, so there’s no need to be more invasive than that. Simply make the daily posts short and sweet, a photo and a funny little caption, in order to have followers be interested in more to come. The bigger posts, like events and promotions, can be a larger wall of text really driving the message home.


twitterworthTwitter is a great tool when it comes to marketing since every post needs to be short and sweet, and attaching a photo to a post is common thing to do. This is perfect as it sets strict guidelines for content creators when they market their contests online, stopping them from making a huge, boring wall of text. Online contest votes can easily be promoted through a simple link and explanation of the contest. Suddenly, the tweet is send around and seen by thousands as people rush to have friends and family join in on the fun of voicing their opinion or having a chance to win the contest prize. Twitter allows for websites to cheaply and effectively advertise their contests and events without coming off as desperate through constant reminders to followers.


Fun Free Marketing

who-wore-it-best-marketing-campaigns-edition-2-638Most business majors will tell people the most important thing a business needs to do in order to succeed is market themselves well. Consumers think differently when thinking about spending money, turning into impulsive monsters that destroy their paychecks before they even reach the next one. This phenomenon can be traced back to advertising, and how it engrains itself in the brain of consumers, only to resurface when they have ability to spend. This tool is instrumental in the long term success of a business, making sure customers keep surfacing and keep buying. Now, marketing doesn’t have to be a thousand-dollar campaign that bankrupts a business until it finally pays itself off, there are many cheap and effective ways to get name recognition.

The Contest

po2Online contests are a fun and cheap way to advertise businesses and websites by encouraging people to visit websites in hopes of winning a cool prize and sticking around to see what else the site has to offer. The online contest votes help market the website, and the prize doesn’t even have to cost the site a penny. Third-party prizes are an excellent way to get around footing the bill by promising advertisement for a company as long as they provide the prize. Just add a couple encouraging words for the product, offer it to anyone who applies, and watch as both fans of the website and fans of the product flock to be a part of the fun. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and a fun way of connecting with fans through online interaction.

Marketing Value

po8A large number of people are brought onto the site for the online contest votes, including loyal fans and those looking for something to do. Picture a bored man at home looking for something to do online when he comes across an ad for the contest. This person just comes for the prize, but what does he do when he finishes applying, after all, he wasn’t doing anything before. The man is already on the website, and he sees a lot of things he likes so he bookmarks it and decides he’ll stick around and see what else the site has to offer. A new customer is easily born out of thin air, and the contest continues to bring more and more people in as they enjoy the excitement of possibly winning. Online contests make such a fantastic marketing tool, and for the little to no money off the web creators back, the votes can be the most effective way of getting people to come in. The contest always has to come to an end, but websites who loved the new traffic to their sites can make the contest a monthly or weekly event and continue enjoying the stream of new customers flocking to their site.

From Voter to Frequent Visitor

From Voter to Frequent Visitor

Websites know what they have to do in order to increase the traffic hitting their sites, and the method works in helping the visitor just as much as the website. Online contests have been around ever since AOL was the most visited page on the world wide web. The contests usually feature some sort of incentive for people to come check them out, whether it’s being able to vote for something they love to be able to win or be entered into a raffle just for voting. The votes are extremely effective at getting people to come, as they create a feeling of personal inclusion into whatever the contest aims to achieve. With online contest votes helping to create a sense of excitement for website owners and visitors, the system works at connecting people from all over the world over one simple thing.

It’s Personal

Online contests aren’t just a great tool for getting visitors interested in turning their computers or phones on, they can also make a fantastic marketing tool. With a smartphone in the hand of almost everyone walking around the streets of cities and even suburbs, the online presence has changed into a superpower of free advertising. Online contest votes can really attract a number of people that would normally cost thousands of dollars to pull in as the entire process takes a matter of seconds and the benefits can be very appealing. Some websites only offer visitors the ability to voice their opinion on whatever is being discussed and end the interaction there. This is an enormous waste of an opportunity as the visitor has no incentive to continue participating in the voting contests. The more the internet grows, the more personal and interactive it becomes; allowing people to not just feel like another page click, but a member of something really cool. Once the visitor has reached the site, placed their vote in, and started wondering what else is available for them, the content creators job is to make them feel like their website is a place for them to come in and feel at home.

The Online Personal Touch

Marketing is one of those weird things that’s really obvious to everyone involved but never really bothering the people it’s aimed at targeting. This is because people love feeling catered to, love knowing that someone out there wants their hard earned money in return for making their life easier with their product. This is why online contests votes need to make visitors feel like they are being catered to and not just brought in simply to vote and go about their day. Online contests are great for everyone involved, and the idea really helps bring content creators and curious visitors together as the website owners decide whether the relationship stays strong or shortly fades away.

Cool Contest Ideas for Guaranteed Votes

Cool Contest Ideas for Guaranteed Votes

Getting people excited for online contest votes can be difficult, just look at the hundreds of websites solely dedicated towards getting people more votes on their contests. It seems strange for there to be a lack of votes for something as simple as a contest, which directly benefits somebody else, usually in a really cool way. Such is the world we live in, and contests go unnoticed every day as the advertising just isn’t there. So what can be done to make sure contest creators don’t run into the same issue as others do all the time? Well maybe the advertising isn’t to blame, after all, if the contest idea is good enough, word would spread and the advertising would be done for them. So all that’s left then is figuring out what idea will excite people enough to want to come and help others make their dreams come true, while making the website owner some money on the way.


Shows use this technique all the time, slowly eliminating the lowest voted person off the show and removing them from the running of wining the prize. The idea translates perfectly onto an online setting, as YouTube contest votes are entered every week and people are slowly removed from being able to win. With the right guidelines and the right number of elimination rounds, websites would be able to greatly increase traffic to their site as people who would normally vote once just keep coming back to see how it ends.

Voting for the Prize

The prize is always this static thing in competitions, sitting around just waiting for someone to finally be chosen to take it. Mixing things up is always a good way to stir up news about something, so voting for this contest just got better. People are not only able to vote for who they want to win; they also get to choose the prize the person receives. This makes things really interesting, as the prizes come in all different shapes and sizes, and some people can purposefully vote for someone and vote for the worst prize possible for them. This makes sure drama is started and lets the free advertising begin.

Voting for, and Against

Online contest voting has always been this really sweet thing that people do, taking the time out of their day to try and help someone else out, but what if it changed? With the ability to take a vote away from someone, the competition will heat up and people will come into the contest just to show their displeasure towards a certain individual. The whole thing is in the name of fun, so anyone complaining about the idea being cruel can be rest assured that it’s just a way to make things fun, not a way to bully people online. With the people ready to voice their opinions, even the bad ones, the fun can really begin.

Bringing People in from All Around the World

Bringing People in from All Around the World

There’s something sort of magical about the idea of two people from completely different parts of the world coming together to make something happen. Whether that something is a passion project, a business connection, or some help with voting results; the interaction is only made possible by the internet. People have never before been able to come so close together from so far away and still feel some of the best parts of human interaction. With this door swung wide open, and people more than willing to participate, what is something they can hope to create together? Well, in this case it isn’t something breathtaking like a charity or a missed connection, it’s buying online contest votes. Still isn’t that part of the magic, how something so simple and ordinary can become a global effort as thousands from all different locations come together and make someone’s dreams come true? Social Media votes are a super simple idea that really takes full advantage of the internet’s encroaching arm over the world, and that’s something to give props to. So what about this contest idea really brings people from all different parts of the world together?

The New Glue

Most of the social interaction online nowadays occurs through social media platforms like Twitter and phone applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Now, both these platforms feature a different kind of interaction, with messenger apps used mainly for talking with far away family and social media platforms used to talk to strangers on the internet. Both these interactions hold value, but they don’t necessarily possess any sort of anonymity that you’d expect them to have. Even with social media interactions, people talk to people they add because they seem interesting, and the relationship functions like a face-to-face one would. With Facebook Contest Votes, people not only come together with an unknown element involved, but they help create something. The conversations taking place online through the mediums mentions before usually don’t carry any sort of weight to them, they don’t create anything. Contest votes help people who might’ve never worked together in person agree on something and help someone else in the process.

What Value Does It Really Hold?

There’s a lot of animosity occurring all over the world right this second, and a lot of it simply because both people come from different backgrounds. It’s something really morbid to think about when discussing the value of online contest votes, but it helps prove the point that any display of people coming together should be appreciated. With people now given the opportunity to vote online on whatever they want, whether it’s a contest for the best singer or what movie they felt shined above all others during the last year, the chance for simple interactions to occur every day between people from all over the world really feels like a magical thing.

YouTube Likes and Reviews

How YouTube Video Likes Can Help Boost Your Profits

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website with billions of viewers around the clock. If you are a YouTube channel owner and is looking for ways to boost video presence, then read on.

YouTube follows a simple principle in determining which videos are at the top of the results page. That principle happens to be user engagement. The more people view,share,comment, or like your video, the better the chances of your video popping up towards the top results page. YouTube SEO also plays a role in determining position, but more on that later.

If you are struggling to get your video ranking on YouTube, then the most viable solution is to buy unique views,likes,comments, or shares. That way YouTube will deem your video more engaging, resulting in high rankings.

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YouTube On-site Optimization Techniques:

Optimizing your video is a vital step towards increasing YouTube exposure. The main steps to optimizing your video is as follows:

1. Optimize your title: Find the keyword that best relates to your video and has the desired monthly search volume. To determine search volume, simply head over to and go to Tools >> Keyword Planner and enter your keywords

2. Video Tags: Make sure that the tags that you set for your videos pertain to your topic. Also include the keyword that you want your video to show up for.

3. Description: Your video description is crucial for YouTube SEO. The description describes the video (duh!) and writing out a keyword-rich description for your video is very helpful for ranking.

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Social Media Votes

Take a Competitive Advantage in Social Media Contest Votes

Social media has exploded over the past decade and still continues to rapidly grow as more and more people engage in every day social media interactions. Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, many people rely on social media to connect with others and gain insight to trends that intrigue them.

social media contest trophy

With the large volume of social media traffic, people like you probably come across online contests and enter hoping that they win. But with so many people claiming entries, winning a contest and trying to gain additional entries can become a daunting task.

With our new social media online contest vote service, you get unique votes and entries that are credited towards your entry. In other words, you have a chance to become a top entry just by getting entries or votes from our special contest vote service

Simply specify the URL of the contest that you opted in and we will take the necessary steps to help you win the prize that you have been longing for.

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