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The Whole Thing Explained

The Whole Thing Explained Some people might be wondering what exactly online contest votes are, or more prominently, what they are used for. Usually, these contests exist purely online to promote websites and increase traffic hitting these sites, but sometimes you’ll find contests that weren’t initiated by the website. Anyone looking to promote their business […]

Social Media Platform Advantage

Social Media Platform Advantage The internet has undergone some serious changes in the last couple of years with the amount of growth increasing in almost all age demographics and the availability reaching places never possible before. A growth of this magnitude means serious business opportunities for anyone smart enough to get at them first. So […]

Facebook and Twitter Votes: How to Use Each Platform

Something found all over the internet, whether its major news agencies’ websites or Facebook pages, are voting contests with impressive rewards for whoever is lucky enough to win. Most of these contests are held for things like commemorating a good local Samaritan or voicing opinions on politics, but some of them can have a pretty […]

Bringing People in from All Around the World

Bringing People in from All Around the World There’s something sort of magical about the idea of two people from completely different parts of the world coming together to make something happen. Whether that something is a passion project, a business connection, or some help with voting results; the interaction is only made possible by […]

YouTube Likes and Reviews

How YouTube Video Likes Can Help Boost Your Profits YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website with billions of viewers around the clock. If you are a YouTube channel owner and is looking for ways to boost video presence, then read on. YouTube follows a simple principle in determining which videos are at the […]

Social Media Votes

Take a Competitive Advantage in Social Media Contest Votes Social media has exploded over the past decade and still continues to rapidly grow as more and more people engage in every day social media interactions. Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, many people rely on social media to connect with others and gain […]