Bringing People in from All Around the World

Bringing People in from All Around the World

There’s something sort of magical about the idea of two people from completely different parts of the world coming together to make something happen. Whether that something is a passion project, a business connection, or some help with voting results; the interaction is only made possible by the internet. People have never before been able to come so close together from so far away and still feel some of the best parts of human interaction. With this door swung wide open, and people more than willing to participate, what is something they can hope to create together? Well, in this case it isn’t something breathtaking like a charity or a missed connection, it’s buying online contest votes. Still isn’t that part of the magic, how something so simple and ordinary can become a global effort as thousands from all different locations come together and make someone’s dreams come true? Social Media votes are a super simple idea that really takes full advantage of the internet’s encroaching arm over the world, and that’s something to give props to. So what about this contest idea really brings people from all different parts of the world together?

The New Glue

Most of the social interaction online nowadays occurs through social media platforms like Twitter and phone applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Now, both these platforms feature a different kind of interaction, with messenger apps used mainly for talking with far away family and social media platforms used to talk to strangers on the internet. Both these interactions hold value, but they don’t necessarily possess any sort of anonymity that you’d expect them to have. Even with social media interactions, people talk to people they add because they seem interesting, and the relationship functions like a face-to-face one would. With Facebook Contest Votes, people not only come together with an unknown element involved, but they help create something. The conversations taking place online through the mediums mentions before usually don’t carry any sort of weight to them, they don’t create anything. Contest votes help people who might’ve never worked together in person agree on something and help someone else in the process.

What Value Does It Really Hold?

There’s a lot of animosity occurring all over the world right this second, and a lot of it simply because both people come from different backgrounds. It’s something really morbid to think about when discussing the value of online contest votes, but it helps prove the point that any display of people coming together should be appreciated. With people now given the opportunity to vote online on whatever they want, whether it’s a contest for the best singer or what movie they felt shined above all others during the last year, the chance for simple interactions to occur every day between people from all over the world really feels like a magical thing.

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