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Online Contest Votes

How Online Contest Votes Can Boost Your Chances of Winning

Admit it. Online contests are very exciting because of the thrill of getting a chance to win an item that you probably long desired. However, with the ever so expansive internet and social media, winning online contests has become a daunting task because of all the excess tasks that you have to accomplish to get more entries. Not to mention the refer-a-friend entry that requires a lot of effort to convince other’s to enter  a contest which also reduces the odds of you winning.

Regardless of the situation, you can now increase your odds of winning any online contest, whether Facebook contest, Twitter Contest, YouTube contest, Pinterest, or you name it. Our services are designed to focus on getting your entry to be at a competitive advantage.

Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage towards any online contest

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Facebook Social Votes

Easy ways to win a Facebook Social Contest

Facebook is the worlds largest social network with about 2 billion active users. Because of Facebook’s potent marketing capabilities for businesses and bloggers, contests have thrived resulting in successful audience captivation and engagement. Contests are a unique way to get the word out for your business or blog and has been successful so far.


With Facebook as a good resource for many businesses, creating contests has been very simple. Many people use Facebook everyday and the utilization of Facebook’s marketing resources has become the norm for marketers.

But what about wanting to win a contest? Plethora of Facebook contests can be found across the internet with a large quantity of entrants. Our service is designed to assist you in getting your entry to the top of the ladder. Whether you need Facebook photo likes or shares or even commenting, our service can help you achieve this all.

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Best Prizes for Best Turnout

Best Prizes for Best Turnout

The average person isn’t very hard to convince when free money is on the line, and a lot of the times money is the fabled prize. Online contest votes can be tricky if the incentive just isn’t present, and a lot of contests run into this problem all the time. The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding what the prize should be is whether it will motivate the average person to take time out of their day in order to apply for it. Now there are two extremes to this problem, one of them being the desired prize is ridiculously expensive and content creators feel they could never form a successful contest. The other is when contests expect name recognition alone to encourage people to come and check their contest out, and they totally forgot about picking an interesting prize. If the number of already existing loyal fans isn’t a problem, then yeah, prizes like cash will work perfectly. For most people creating contests though, the main goal is to attract more new people, and the prizes for these contests need to be interesting and original. Ideas aren’t hard to come up with, especially if the contest creator knows the audience trying to be pulled in.

How to Choose a Prize

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing what prize would best fit the audience trying to be attracted to the contest. Online competition votes aren’t hard to get as long as the motivation to participate is abundant and the advertising goes far. There is an infinite amount of prizes available to be given out, and most of them can be relatively inexpensive as long as the contest creator gets help from a third-party. Third-party involvement can help mediate costs and really narrow down the prize to one thing. The new partner will either offer a shopping spree or a new product of theirs as long as their brand is mentioned enough in the ads going out. If third-party prizes aren’t an option, consider something simpler. A lot of people have businesses of their own that they are trying to promote, and a free advertising opportunity would make the perfect prize. So set aside a blank space somewhere on the site and let people know they can win free advertisement and maybe even an interview if they win.

More Than a Prize

At the end of the day, the  Buy online contest votes are simply a marketing tool, and the prize is the main force driving the whole contest forward. If there isn’t enough force, or not good enough of a prize, than the contest will go nowhere and the marketing opportunity will go to waste. So make sure the prize is appealing to the people who will find out about the contest, and the votes should follow.

Are Results Accurate?

Are Results Accurate?

The accuracy of online contest votes has those with selfish interests. In order to really know whether the accuracy of the contest should be in never really been a hot topic of discussion on the internet, yet the system seems like It can be prone to abuse by question, it is important to know exactly how the contest works. In the beginning, there is a content creator looking for traffic to increase on their site. The content creator chooses to implement a contest onto their website and let users come in and vote for whoever they want to win. The prize is chosen and people visit the site to support loved ones or people they support and traffic increases on the site as they visit to vote. Certain voters choose to stick around and see more of the site and the content creators frequent viewer base increases. The part of the plan that can be easily abused in the voting, as most of the systems will not track IPs to make sure someone isn’t voting more than once. When someone chooses to spam their votes in order to get someone to win, there isn’t much the content creator can do and the contest remains unfair.

Fixing the Issue. Is It Worth It?

The biggest problem regarding inaccuracy lies in sites whose only goal is to allow people to purchase votes for an online contest and allow them to choose to winner by themselves. This means anyone can just enter a contest or have someone they know enter the contest and purchase enough votes to make them win and reap the rewards of the prize. This sort of abuse isn’t just hurtful to the other contestants, as they never really get a chance to compete in the competition; it is also unfair to the content creator, and the skewed results discourage people from voting, or from returning after they vote. The actions of the abuser hurt everyone involved in the contest, and the results aren’t really accurate as the majority of them were placed by a bot the abuser purchased. The problem is pretty unavoidable for content creators with no experience in contest planning, and their websites will usually never see another contest on them again. For those who have experience with these things, anti-bot submission requirements will allow them to avoid at least one of these abusers. Still, the effort might not even be worth it as the results will always be tainted by those who choose to vote 2 to 3 times instead of once. Online contest votes will almost always suffer from this, so content creators have to be ready for anything and make sure they give everyone a fair chance when it comes to winning fair and square.